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by Lucy Thurber

Martha, played BALLS TO THE WALL by Jaime Slavinsky,

lives a life of loud desperation, alternately needy, smothering, and verbally abusive.


- Wendy Arons, The Pittsburgh Tatler

Organic Theater Pittsburgh's new production is successful in everything it sets out to do...actors at the PEAK of their craft. 

- Colette Newby, Pgh City Paper

Scarcity poster.jpg

dead man's cell phone

by Sarah Ruhl


...A VIRTUOSO performance by Jaime Slavinsky.

- Sean Collier, Pittsburgh Magazine

Jaime Slavinsky invests Jean with wonderful vulnerability, and when Jean's life pulses in many directions, Slavinsky's EVERY TOUCH WORKS. 


- Gordon Spencer, Pgh City Paper

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our lady of drubbleduffy

by Ray Werner


Jaime Slavinsky SHINES as Jamie O'Hara, the local bartender.  Slavinsky brings a youthful vibrancy to the play...


She's self-aware and FIERCELY FUNNY as she casually tosses out one-liners...


Mansueto & Slavinsky have an AUTHENTIC rapport. Slavinsky smoothly transitions into O'Hara's more tender side when flirtations develop...


- Tiffany Raymond, Pgh in the Round


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